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Selector - bash history

11 december 2012

Selector is a small bash commands capture tools developed by François Fleuret. It provides a simple interface for navigating through the history of commands and paths via keyboard shortcuts. Once the tool is set up, simply use the keys (Alt + r) to navigate through the command history and (Alt + d) to find all the different paths visited.

Handy for quickly navigating through the tree and quickly find order already used. Selector supports via (Alt-r) looking at the first character (same as google), compatible with regular expressions ...

Its implementation is very simple:

  1. Repatriate sources
  2. Construction of binary
  3. Called from your ~. Bashrc

For the impatient:

cd ~
mkdir bin/
cd bin/
git clone 
cd selector
make selector
sudo ln -s ~/bin/selector/selector /usr/local/bin/selector

nano ~/.bashrc
#exemple d'intégration à son bash
#if [ -f ~/bin/selector/ ]; then
#   . ~/bin/selector/ --hist --cd

source ~/.bashrc
selector --help
Example rendering (Alt + r)

Selector (Alt+r)

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